For many businesses today the availability of computer centers is vital. With data volumes increasing all the time, the performance of computer centers is forced to keep pace. At the same time IT managers are expected to keep operating costs under control and to avoid mains failures at all costs. The statistics show that the majority of faults in computer centers are due to problems with the passive infrastructure or to human error.

This means the problem has to be tackled already at the level of the infrastructure planning and the cabling, which is where standards such as TIA-942 und EN 50173-5 come into play. They deal more particularly with the physical requirements for the infrastructure of computer centers.

R&Mґs response is the R&Mfreenet cabling system. A modular system design helps users to adapt quickly, flexibly and profitably to current operating requirements. Faultless quality, Swiss precision and innovative solutions guarantee transmission reliability and high-availa-bility as well as stable operating costs. R&Mfreenet has everything you need for the passive infrastructure of vital high-capacity networks. The system is 10 Gb Ethernet-compatible throughout - both for twisted pair copper cabling and fiber optic applications.

With the added use of the R&M security system you gain a much higher operational reliability for your data center.

Star Real 10 - Cat. 6 / Class EA

R&M has two solutions in its product range for 10 GbE via twisted pair copper cables - one shielded and one unshielded, grouped in the STAR Real 10 range. A channel with STAR Real10 components meets or exceeds the values of the just approved Class EA standard according to ISO/IEC 11 801 ed. 2002 adm.1 and Cat. 6A according to EIA/TIA 568B.2-10.

The requirements of the ISO/IEC 11801 ed. 2002 adm. 1 Class EA are especially demanding. They exceed the channel requirements of EIA/TIA 568B.2-10 Cat. 6A, as well as the requirements of the IEEE 802.3an (10GB/s Ethernet) and ISO/IEC TR 24750.  


Each individual Cat. 6 STP module comprises 360° shielding, providing complete protection from interference caused by neighboring modules. It means the critical Alien NEXT para-meter is completely under control.


Our many years of experience with shielded systems provide the basis for the WARP tech-nology (Wave Reduction Patterns) used in the STAR Real 10 UTP range. A foiled conductor encloses the lines and absorbs outside interference. The foil segments in the UTP cable are mutually insulated to prevent circulating currents. They are short enough to avoid antenna effects, but packed closely enough together to suppress Alien NEXT effectively. WARP instal-lation cables remain easy to terminate and can be laid in the same way as conventional UTP cables. Clip-on WARP casings for the connector modules together with optimized patch cables ensure that the protective function remains effective over the entire connection link.

Vision - the fiber optic range

The VISION range enables 10 GbE via fiber optics. It consists of various performance classes corresponding to the different requirements that exist in computer centers. Single-mode OS1 fiber optic as per IEC 11801 2nd Edition or OS2 (mentioned in ISO/IEC 24702 in accordance with the B1.3 fiber optic in IEC 60793-2- 50) is provided for the WAN area of the entrance area. Class OM3 multimode fiber optic has established itself in the backbone area. OM3 is also suitable for Storage Area Networks (SAN), offers maximum performance over distances of 300 meters, and is suitable for redundant networks such as those specified in TIA 942 in Tiers III and IV.

Security system

The operational reliability of computer centers can be enhanced already at the cabling level, at no great cost. Faults caused by human error can be prevented from the outset if the instal-lation offers a high level of clarity, simplicity and usability. Here, a simple yet consistent me-chanical solution can often be more effective than expensive active components or complex software solutions.

R&Mґs solution is modular, adaptable and retrofittable. The R&M security system is based on Smartholes, which are integrated as standard in R&Mґs platforms for copper and fiber optic connectors. Outlets and patch panels are therefore already prepared for the security instal-lation. The R&M security system consists of three levels:

  1. Visual coding 
  2. Mechanical and visual coding, and
  3. Intelligent protection using lock mechanisms and authorization solutions

The R&M PlugGuard is available at the third level. It protects connectors to active devices (switches, surveillance cameras, etc.) against unauthorized access.