Warranty program

R&M offers one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in structured cabling in accordance with EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and EIA TIA 568-B. We do more than develop and manufacture products and systems of the highest quality. Indeed, our aim is to provide the customer with a solution that offers a high level of sustained performance. The warranty program comprises all the key elements needed for that solution: planning, product selec-tion, installation, acceptance measurements, operation. In this way we achieve a homogeneous solution with a defined quality level.

With its three-level warranty program R&M guarantees its customers the faultless functioning of the R&M cabling system and the transmission of all ratified network services, including Gigabit Ethernet in all three systems. In addition R&M guarantees the transmission of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the VISION and STAR product lines (in accordance with IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T). The warranty is provided by certified partners who have completed the Qualified Partner Program (QPP).

5-year R&Mfreenet product warranty

This guarantees that R&Mfreenet passive components function faultlessly throughout the warranty period and exceed the requirements stipulated by each relevant cabling standard. This warranty cover is available to any customer who acquires R&Mfreenet passive components.

20-year R&Mfreenet system warranty

Covers the entire R&Mfreenet cabling system and protects the customer in the event of component malfunction and installation problems. The warranty applies if the installation consists exclusively of R&Mfreenet passive components and the entire installation was carried out by an R&Mfreenet certified installer (or a higher instance trained by QPP).

Life-long R&Mfreenet application warranty

This warranty is subject to the requirement that the installation with passive components from the R&Mfreenet cabling system was planned by a certified designer. It includes the commitment that all the protocols supported by industry standards are running on the system throughout its service life.