R&Mfreenet is the comprehensive system solution for generic, structured office and building cabling systems. R&Mfreenet comprises three clearly structured product ranges: CLASSIC, STAR and VISION. While the CLASSIC and STAR ranges consist of shielded and unshielded copper components, VISION provides the fiber optic solution. R&Mfreenet complies with all the current standards (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and EIA/TIA 568B) and offers the greatest system reserves. R&Mfreenet products are highly modular in design, which means they can be individually combined. Whatever the cabling performance required, whatever the environ-mental conditions and the security requirements, the optimum, expandable solution can always be sourced from a tried-and-tested range of products.

CLASSIC - Cat. 5 / Classes D and E

CLASSIC components are used to set up Class D channels with up to 4 plug connections and Class E channels with up to 2 plug connections. Depending on the electromagnetic protection requirements, you have the possibility of choosing between shielded and unshiel-ded components. The CLASSIC range is particularly well suited for classic network applica-tions with small to medium bandwidth requirements. CLASSIC also stands out by virtue of its easy installation, unique quality assurance with 100% routine check tests and three-level warranty program.

STAR Real 10 - Cat. 6 / Class EA

The future is all about more security, more performance, and more bandwidth for new applications. All this and more can be implemented using the STAR Real10 range. It pro-vides the basis for real 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) over a full 100 meters of horizontal copper cabling, in both the shielded and the unshielded version. A channel with STAR Real10 components meets or exceeds the values of the just approved Class EA standard according to ISO/IEC 11 801 ed. 2002 adm.1 and Cat. 6A according to EIA/TIA 568B.2-10.

The requirements of the ISO/IEC 11801 ed. 2002 adm. 1 Class EA are especially demanding. They exceed the channel requirements of EIA/TIA 568B.2-10 Cat. 6A, as well as the requirements of the IEEE 802.3an (10GB/s Ethernet) and ISO/IEC TR 24750. Certificates issued by the Danish test laboratory 3P for different channel configurations confirm the performance capa-bility. This makes STAR Real10 the solution of choice for companies which handle extremely large volumes of data all the time. Besides performance, other plus points include easy installation, unique quality assurance with 100% routine check tests and the three-level warranty program.

Vision - the fiber optic range

Think big when it comes to planning! With R&Mfreenet VISION you have the appropriate fiber optic range at your disposal. VISION allows you to set up any fiber optic infrastructure in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801:2002. VISION offers a wealth of advantages: high band-width, minimum space requirements and immunity to electromagnetic interference. And it delivers the sort of performance you need for large-scale projects. VISION satisfies all the standards for the use of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It is the preferred choice for backbone appli-cations in the primary level (campus) and secondary level (building) in medium-size and large corporate networks. VISION is the flexible way of developing complex building topo-logies over large distances, right through to the workstation (Fiber To The Desk). With R&Mґs trademark modularity you gain a system with long-term viability.

VARIOline - the plug-in complete solution

Whenever fiber optic systems are installed, worlds of opposites collide. On the one hand, the sensitive optical transmission technology with filigree fiber optics, high-quality connector termination and complex splice tool; on the other, tough installation environments and me-chanical stresses on cables and connectors. Between these two poles installation compa-nies have to guarantee the perfect quality of the cabling, often under the severe pressure of deadlines.

R&M resolves this dilemma with VARIOline. VARIOline is the complete fiber optic cabling for use in the campus and building backbone. It is supplied to the building site ready for plug-in. The connections are factory pre-terminated and tested to ensure the best contact properties. This means there is no need to terminate the connectors on site. The robust cabling system can be used both indoors and outdoors, and allows a high-quality installation of lasting value, yet completed in a short time. Together with R&Mfreenet, VARIOline provides an all-encompassing, flexible cabling approach to the entire installation path. Fiber optics for specialists only is now a thing of the past. Plug & Play is the present - with VARIOline from R&M.

Extended Office Cabling (EOC)

Plugs out, plugs back in! Todayґs working environment is all about change. Offices are relocated, and staff move in and out. Companies work with ad-hoc teams or reorganize their workplaces according to the current project. Such customers need a highly adaptable infra-structure that can be run economically. Connections for power, phones, computer networks and peripherals must adapt to the workstations and spatial concepts.

Extended Office Cabling (EOC) from R&M provides the ideal solution - an overall system for systematically developing the office environment. It is based on the concepts for Consoli-dation Points resp. MUTOs and integrates the cabling for data, communication and power sockets. Workplaces can be reconfigured with ease using consolidation points located under raised floors or drop-down ceilings. This means that planning a large open-plan office no longer depends on the layout of the fixtures and the furniture, thus providing a blanket solution for the basic installation. The solution stands out by virtue of its ease of installation and simple operation using the Plug & Work principle. Gone are the tangled heaps of cables and the trip hazards in the immediate vicinity of the individual workstations, and the result is aesthetically pleasing.

Security system

Data loss can threaten a companyґs very existence. Downtimes in IT networks often have dramatic economic repercussions. Stock-market and payment transactions, energy supplies, telecommunications, the health sector, transport and production plants are all quick to respond. More often than not, network faults and data loss are due to simple, un-spectacular connection errors and peopleґs inability to respond correctly. Mistakenly, negli-gently or without authorization, someone may pull out a plug, tamper with a connection, or plug a patch cord into the wrong socket. And the damage is done. So when it comes to connectors, it is crucial to stop those security gaps.

R&Mґs solution is modular, adaptable and retrofittable. The R&M security system is based
on Smartholes, which are integrated as standard in R&Mґs platforms for copper and fiber optic connectors. Outlets and patch panels are therefore already prepared for the security installation. The R&M security system consists of three levels:

  • Visual coding
  • Mechanical and visual coding, and
  • Intelligent protection using lock mechanisms and authorization solutions

The R&M Patch Guard is available at the third level. It protects connectors to active devices (switches, printers, surveillance cameras, etc.) against unauthorized access.

R&M environmental system

Network connections are at risk, not just from mistakes and tampering, but also from environmental factors. Dust, liquids or aggressive substances can affect the connection quality in the production environments of trade and industry. Splash-Line provides a retro-fittable protection system consisting of rubber grommets and sleeves. It satisfies the re-quirements of protection index IP54. For the toughest operating environments R&M has developed the IP67 concept to protect RJ45 and SCRJ connections.

Voice integration

LAN-based PBX systems (telecom systems) allow intelligent connections to be established between PCs and phones; this is also known as CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration. Most PBX systems are equipped with the relevant connector sockets on their mainboard or plug-in cards. R&M has the innovative counterpart on the cabling side: the voice patch panel with up to 50 x RJ45 sockets on one height unit (1 U). With pre-terminated cables a PBX can be commissioned simply, inexpensively and without any additional cabling work.

Field-terminable connector

The FM45 is a field-terminable eight-pin Cat. 5e / RJ45 connector that can be wired tool-free. It can be installed in any location in only a few steps, thereby vastly increasing overall flexi-bility during the set-up, modification, maintenance and repair of data and communication networks. IDC technology (IDC = Insulation Displacement Contact) ensures reliable, fault-free, indestructible and permanent contacting - even in environments subject to heavy vibrations or aggressive substances. In fact the FM45 is every installerґs troubleshooter.