Internet access is becoming the standard in peopleґs homes. Computers, consumer elec-tronics and intelligent building equipment communicate in a single network. New services such as Triple Play are supplied to the home via broadband networks. The challenge lies in delivering the services to the various premises in a flexible way.

Structured cabling is the ideal way of satisfying the growing network demands in the resi-dential sector. The experience gained from structured cabling systems in office environments provides the basis for the modular home wiring system from R&M. This solution is the pre-ferred choice for all new buildings and for complete renovations of existing properties.

The POF system from R&M is also quick and convenient. It makes sturdy plastic optical fibers available for multimedia applications in the home and can be laid without the need for major building work or special tools - an ideal solution when retrofitting existing homes.

New buildings

R&M offers a unique concept of structured cabling for residential buildings in keeping with standards EN 50173-4 and ISO 15018. It integrates all the network access points, media connections and communication packages, supplying them to every room. Only three main units are needed to implement this concept:

  • a central communication distributor
  • star cabling
  • multimedia outlets in the individual rooms

The mounting dimensions of the communication distributor are standardized, which means it can be housed in corridors or ancillary rooms. The passive components include the ISDN and POTS distributor, RJ45 patch panel, coax splitter and a multi-plug. It also accommodates NT, data, CATV and DSL modem, router, switch, etc.

The star-shaped installation offers advantages such as quick installation using empty tubes, simple troubleshooting and level calculation.

The multimedia outlet is a milestone in cabling systems. It comprises five RJ45 or coax interfaces and corresponds to the standardized mounting dimensions. This means that all the communication services can be provided using a single outlet. The modular uses can be adapted to suit individual requirements. A tangential cable guide simplifies the assembly. The new type of terminal clamps allows any coax cable to be contacted without tools, which means valuable time savings for installers.

Existing buildings

If no empty tubes for additional copper cables are available, the Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is the ideal alternative. As the plastic optical fiber is thin and insensitive to electromagnetic fields, it can be integrated into existing mains installations for example. It means that an additional room can be connected up without altering the basic fabric of the building. R&M provides a specially designed POF system solution. Its converters ensure fully automatic communications between the xDSL connection and the terminals.