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R&M has the ideal solution for your network requirements, whether in traditional telephony or high-speed data transmission using xDSL. From our wide array of high-quality products and systems we design networks that guarantee the best possible transmission rates and the highest network quality - tailored entirely to your individual requirements.

Connection technology

R&M leads the way in the application of IDC technology (IDC = Insulation Displacement Contact). The three distributor systems are founded on decades of technical expertise in the field. We have the right solution for every application, from central office to subscriber.

VS Compact

VS Compact provides a high packing density in locations characterized by limited space availability. Its main application is in the areas of remote access, CCC and PABX. VS Compact features outstanding transmission values and a multitude of design sizes (2, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20 and 25 DA). VS Compact can also be double-wired and wired with stranded wires.

VS Standard

This convenient system provides more space for cable wiring and handling. VS Standard has a rear protection as well as a rear contact interface and can be wired in parallel. The main applications are in the PABX sector, in cabling systems for buildings, and partly also in main distribution frames (MDF).

VS Modular

VS Modular is the classic main distributor system and offers the highest possible level of convenience: rear protection, parallel wiring, EMC protection and cable guides. Its main application is in MDF, but also in PABXs.

ADSL integration

ADSL splitters separate high-frequency signals from low-frequency sound signals. In this way copper twisted pairs can transmit voice and data services simultaneously.

The ADSL splitter module is based on a 4-port ADSL/POTS splitter card mounted on VS Compact 10-DA disconnection or connection modules. The R&M splitter cards are designed to cover different line impedance values without influencing their size. This allows global companies to operate with a single distributor system, i.e. the VS Compact.

The integration of the ADSL splitter card in the exchangeґs MDF offers a significant cost advantage. Indeed, this solution results in an improvement in flexibility, connection density and testing possibilities. This in turn lowers the installation and maintenance costs.

Outdoor use

For the application of copper cabling in the OutSide Plant sector (OSP) R&M offers a wide range of solutions to protect installed components against adverse environmental condi-tions. The modular concept even allows hybrid solutions for copper and fiber optic media.

Copper connection technology with added protection

The 10 DA connection module VS Compact SLIM allows you to double the packing density of your distributor system. It also gives you the option of flexible protection. You can decide on site whether you need to strengthen the protection against environmental influences. The modules can be sealed in a few quick steps. R&M provides a kit with a long-lasting soft polymer gel for this purpose.
For dropwire applications we offer a weather-resistant 1DA module for installation onto DIN 35 mounting rails. It is based on IDC technology and wired without the use of any tools.

Cross-connection cabinets

CCCs provide the outer casing for R&M components. Their housing is made of fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate manufactured under the structural foam molding process. It guarantees outstanding mechanical strength for a low weight. The mounting frame is made of stainless steel. A solid door lock and high-quality locking systems protect the sensitive components against unauthorized access. 

Splice closures

The sturdy and compact design of the R&M splice closure system withstands extreme environmental influences. It effortlessly withstands temperatures ranging between -20 °C and +60 °C or water depths of up to 6 meters (IP68). Through the use of high-quality polyethylene the closure system is particularly resistant to alkaline earths, salt water, and fungal and putrid bacteria. It also provides the right inputs for each application. Choose from flexible, hard-wire and dropwire inputs. Other plus points include quick, tool-free mounting and a closure system with long-term stability and reusable seals.

Small distributors

The Venus Box was developed to withstand the toughest climatic conditions such as rain, splash water (IP54), heat and strong UV radiation. Thanks to its modular design, it can be fitted with VS Compact or dropwire modules. Whatґs more, the Venus Box is suitable for hybrid applications.