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The mega trend of data transmission has long since outpaced conventional telecommuni-cations with voice applications. New offer packages such as Triple Play (video, data, voice via a single connection) call for ever more bandwidth. Future-oriented carriers are responding with FTTx applications. R&M supports both carrier and provider at all levels of the passive network infrastructure with flexible, modular systems for:

... and other FTTx applications. The solutions are as diverse as the challenges. Network providers have to strike the right balance between the economic efficiency of the infrastruc-ture (CAPEX and OPEX) and a defined quality of service (QoS). And they must do so against the background of vastly differing outline conditions. R&M has extensive core competences in fiber optic technology. We supply standardized distributors and connector technology for indoor and outdoor use and for transmission paths with plenty of provision for the future.

Main Distribution Frames

R&Mґs Fiber Optic Management System (FOMsystem) is tailored to the requirements of central network equipment and designed specifically for connection, termination and distribution equipment in high-speed fiber optic networks. It means that fiber optic networks can be expanded and modified simply, on site and during operation. The cabinet and frame elements can be tailored to individual spatial requirements, making them particularly well suited for confined locations. Other features and guarantees of efficient management include easy patching, clearly arranged and monitored fiber guiding, and reliability based on radius restrictions.

19" patch panels

R&M has trimmed the 19" solution for patching in fiber optic distributors and network termin-ations to maximum flexibility, security, high packing density and the simplest possible hand-ling. Other patch panel features include expert bending radius limitations, clear cable guiding and cable identification, generous loose tube and pigtail reserves, and minimum mounting depths.

Module technology

R&Mґs module technology allows for a huge packing density. Up to 144 fibers can be housed in 3Us inside a 19" sub-rack. 12 connectors are provided per module. This approach allows the installationґs capacity to be increased step by step to suit requirements. This way, your investment budget is maintained while still providing you with all the options.

Outside plant

For the application of fiber optic technology in the OutSide Plant sector (OSP) R&M offers a wide range of solutions to protect installed components against adverse environmental conditions. The modular concept even allows hybrid solutions for copper and fiber optic media.

Cross-connection cabinets

CCCs provide the outer casing for R&M components. Their housing is made of fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate manufactured under the structural foam molding process. This guarantees outstanding mechanical strength for a low weight. The mounting frame is made of stainless steel. A solid door lock and high-quality locking systems protect the sensitive components against unauthorized access.

Fiber optic modules for CCCs

With its FiberCurb II product line R&M offers a solution for the low-attenuation connection and distribution of main and branch cables in traditional point-to-point or point-to-multipoint fiber optic network topologies in CCCs. The FiberCurb II module is designed for up to twelve fiber terminations which, depending on requirements, can be spliced onto the connector outlets or directly onto the patch cords. The modules can also be equipped with optical splitters. The handling of the cable management is uniquely safe and user-friendly. The module also guarantees minimum bending radii of 40 mm. The result: maximum operational reliability.

Splice closures

R&Mґs FTTx splice closures for fine distribution in outdoor use - either above or below ground - accommodate up to 144 splice connections in a very confined space. Other features include: tool-free installation, gradual switch-on of connection cables and a closure system with long-term stability and reusable seals, complying with the requirements of protection index IP68. If necessary, the closure system can be sealed or fitted with a lock. Protecting cables against mechanical loads is particularly important when working outdoors. For this reason the FTTx splice closures are fitted with a special access ring that guarantees a neat tension relief. In spite of their compact design, the splice closures provide space for PLC splitters. Through the use of high-quality polyethylene the closure system is particularly resistant to alkaline earths, salt water, and fungal and putrid bacteria.

Small distributors

Venus Boxes are used in Fiber To The Building (FTTB) and Fiber To The Home (FTTH) architectures. They protect the network transitions against environmental effects and also constitute the handover point to the in-house cabling. The Venus Box was developed to withstand the toughest climatic conditions such as rain, splash water (IP54), heat and strong UV radiation. The boxes can also be equipped with splitters. Whatґs more, the Venus Box is suitable for hybrid applications.

Connectors and assemblies

High-quality connectors and assemblies are one of the keys to the next generation networks. The mechanical and optical precision of fiber optic components from R&M also guarantees minimum transmission losses, even at fiber junctions in broadband data transmissions, thus ensuring an outstanding network performance.


Wherever high-end solutions are required, R&M relies on its E-2000TM family of connectors. R&M is one of only three manufacturers worldwide to manufacture this standardized high-performance connector (manufactured under license from Diamond SA, Losone). The optimum transmission properties of this push-pull connector are based on high-precision ceramic ferrules, adapted interfaces for improved insertion and return losses, and APC 8° ferrules for high-return loss requirements. High quality is guaranteed throughout. 100% of the assemblies are tested directly in the process. The self-closing screen not only provides protection against dust and damage, but also protects your maintenance personnel from high-energy laser light. R&M connectors comply with all the relevant European and international standards (CECC 86 275-801, CECC 86 275-802 and IEC 61 754-15).

E-2000TM security system

Even greater network security can be achieved by using the three-level security system. The E-2000TM connection can be color-coded and also mechanically coded; at the third level it can even be provided with an authorization solution. This means it can only be released with the appropriate code.

Other connectors

R&M also has other connector types in its range besides the E-2000TM. The range includes SC, FC, LC and ST.

Passive components

Fiber optic couplers are key components in PON (Passive Optical Network) installations;
they are used for splitting and combining optical signals. Other areas of application include measurement setups, measuring instruments and sensor technology. Other passive components supplied by R&M include attenuators and wavelength division multiplexers (WDM).