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19" 1U UniRack 36xE-2000™ G.652.D, PC, ceramic, C/2 (R817582)

19" 1U UniRack 36xE-2000™ G.652.D, PC, ceramic, C/2 (R817582)

Артикул: R817582 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • 19" 1U slide-in unit, splice tray plate with 2 splice trays radius 40 mm, fastening material, labeling strips and installation manual

  • Front panel equipped with adapters and pigtails

Mechanical Data


43.6 mm x 482.6 mm x 230.0 mm / 1.717 in x 19 in x 9.055 in (W x H x D)

Color Code NCS

S 2502-B


steel: DC04 (1.0338), 1.5 mm, powder-coated

Technical Data

Conductor type FO

semi-tight buffer, dry

Fiber type

Singlemode (SM)

Fiber class

G.657.A1 (covers G.652.D, OS1, OS2)

Fiber diameter


Number of connectors (A)


Connector type (A)


Connector color (A)


Color (A2)


Lever- / frame-coding (A)


Polishing plug (A)


Protection class IP (A)

IP 20

Return loss grade RL (A)


Attenuation grade IL (A)


Amount of height units

1 U

Rack mounting version

patch panel

Adapter fastening method

end cap


fully populated

Capacity (ports)


Sleeve material





IEC 60297-3: 19-inch (482.6 mm) rack

UL Listed

Adapter and connector in acc. with IEC 61754-15 and EN 186270

Pigtails in acc. with color code DIN VDE 0888

Amount of height units



19 "

Splice and patch box, mounting depth 230 mm, recessed and continuously adjustable up to 55 mm, cable entry at the back and the sides; box is partitioned in two parts: the bottom part serves as storage for spare loose tubes, the upper part for the spare pigtails (1.3 m of fiber stored in the splice tray); guaranteed bending radius = 40mm; fitted with pigtails ready for splicing; featuring two splice trays of radius 40 mm and adapters; 2-tier pull-out to 266 mm, 140 mm for optimal access to adapters and pigtails, further 126 mm for access to splice trays and loose tubes;the tray can be taken out of the box completely by means of a release lever; also supplied are fastening material, labeling strip and installation instructions.

Fitted with 36 x E-2000™ (LSH) adapters singlemode in acc. with IEC 61754-15 and EN 186270. Adapter body plus flange, two pre-mounted hexagonal nuts M2, fastened with screws. Zirconia (ceramic) alignment sleeve, blue housing (singlemode), blue coding frame, material PBT / UL 94 V-0, integral self-closing metal laser protection flaps, semi-transparent plastic dustcovers, allowing optical testing with test lasers without removing the cover. The adapter is qualified in accordance with IEC 61753-1 for category U (uncontrolled environment).
Optical specifications:
Delta insertion loss: = 0.2 dB, testing method acc. to IEC 61300-3-4
Mechanical specifications:
Mating cycles: min. 1000
Pull-out force: min. 70 N

and 36 x pigtails with semi-tight buffer PA/PBT, Ø 0.9 mm, color in acc. with color code DIN/VDE 0888, singlemode G.652.D/G.657.A1 9/125 µm (OS1, OS2), length 2.5 m. Fitted with one E-2000™ (LSH) connector in accordance with IEC 61754-15 and EN 186270. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with a PC polished endface geometry, connectors tuned in accordance with IEC 61755-3-1 and qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1 for category U (uncontrolled environment) and category E (extreme environment). Blue connector housing (singlemode) and blue lever, material PBT / UL 94 V-0, blue strain relief, material TPE / UL 94 V-0 and silver-colored metal dust shutter.
Optical specifications (random mated):
Performance acc. toIEC 61753-1 (Table A.12):
Insertion loss (IL) Grade C for 97% of the tested specimen: = 0.50 dB / typical = 0.25 dB
Return loss (RL) Grade 2: = 45 dB (typical = 55 dB)
Mechanical specifications:
Mating cycles: delta IL < 0.2 dB after 1000 mating cycles Pull-out force fiber pigtail: = 5 N Features: Dimensions: 43.6 (1U) x 482.6 (19") x 230 mm (HxWxD) Material: powder-coated sheet steel Color: medium gray (NCS 2502-B, approaching RAL 7035) Optional: Visual coding, mechanical coding and lock protection Various cable guides

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