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19" 2U Global Patch Panel 48-Port/s, empty (R503806)

19" 2U Global Patch Panel 48-Port/s, empty (R503806)

19" 2U Global Patch Panel 48-Port/s, empty (R503806)

Holds up to sixteen 2U Global/s connection module holders or 2U Global blind covers. Max. capacity of 48 RJ45/s connection modules.

Артикул: R503806 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • 19" 2U Global patch panel/s

  • Grounding system

  • 19" mounting kit

  • Installation instructions

Mechanical Data


482.6 mm x 88.1 mm x 82.0 mm / 19 in x 3.468 in x 3.228 in (W x H x D)

Color Code NCS

S 2502-B


aluminum / plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced, halogen-free

Technical Data



Amount of height units

2 U

Rack mounting version

patch panel



Capacity (ports)



UL Listed

Amount of height units



19 "

Modular patch panel accommodating up to sixteenconnection module holders 2U Global/s, installation-friendly thanks to snap-and-go technique, featuring a complete grounding systemand 2U Global blind cover. Designed to accommodate Designed to accommodate the R&M security and the R&M environment system,with its 3-level protection concept: color coding, mechanical coding, locking option. Exchangeable labeling strips, fastening kit, labeling fields, tool-free locking and unlocking system. Automatic ground contacting by spring contacts. Profile aluminum, colorlesschromatized; side panel plastic (PC), fiberglass-reinforced, halogen-free, color medium gray (NCS 2502-B).

With a capacity of up to 48 shielded RJ45 connection modules of Category 5, class D, Category 6, class E and Real10 Category 6, class E and class E
Afor the establishing of transmission channels with up to 4 plugged connections.

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