Blind Cover 3U Global, 0.5 GU (R302149)

Blind Cover 3U Global, 0.5 GU (R302149)

For use with 19" 3U Global patch panels, shielded and unshielded. To cover half an element when adapter units (installation size = 2 1/2 width units of a connection module holder) or an uneven number of adapter units in the Global patch panel are used.

Артикул: R302149 Категорія:
Mechanical Data

Color Code NCS

S 1005-R80B


plastic: PC

Technical Data

Amount of height units

3 U

Rack mounting version

blind panel

Amount of height units


Blind covers Global, plastic (PC), to cover unused ports, halogen-free materials, color light gray (NCS 1005-R80B).

Suitable for 3U Global patch panels/u and Global patch panels/s.

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