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Cable Guide FOM 110 mm (R304439)

Cable Guide FOM 110 mm (R304439)

For the horizontal patch cord routing. Fitted directly to the rack. Applicable when the 19" side mounting brackets are not in back-set position. Patching rings are an equivalent option.

Color: powder-coated, medium gray, NCS 2502-B.

Material: 1.5 mm sheet steel.

Артикул: R304439 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • Cable guide

  • 4 strain relief elastics

Mechanical Data


520.0 mm x 110.0 mm / 20.472 in x 4.331 in (W x H)

Color Code NCS

S 2502-B


sheet steel

Technical Data

Rack mounting version

jumper ring panel

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