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Coding "B" for RJ45 Jack, white (R25676)

Coding "B" for RJ45 Jack, white (R25676)

Coding "B" for RJ45 Jack, white (R25676)

Color code: yellow, brown, violet, white. Fitting R&M Smartholes.

Артикул: R25676 Категорія:

Scope of Supply

  • Coding clip

  • Coding frame

Technical Data

Protection class IP

IP 20

Security level2

Mechanical Data

Dimensions22.4 mm x 22.4 mm x 14.2 mm / 0.882 in x 0.882 in x 0.559 in (W x H x D)
Color Code RAL

9010 Pure white


plastic: PA / PC

Coding for RJ45 jack, basic color white.

Color codes: yellow, brown, violet, white. Consisting of coding clip and coding frame. This coding for RJ45 jacks fits into the coding system Data Safe Lock, protecting electronics and networks against damage and disturbances. The coding provides a mechanical and a visual coding option and can be retrofitted to all Data Safe Lock-capable connection components (jacks as well as patch panels). This individual mechanical coding with individual color fields effectively prevents that different services be connected by mistake.

Install instructions

Technical drawing(s)

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