Disconnection Module 10 pairs, jumper side down, 1x0.80 mm (R27021-20-1)

Disconnection Module 10 pairs, jumper side down, 1x0.80 mm (R27021-20-1)

Rearside contact interface for protection magazine or PCB insert. Front-accessible disconnection contact for disconnecting, testing and measuring, and for inserting secondary protection plugs.

Артикул: R27021-20-1

Technical Data

Protection class IP

IP 20

VS version

disconnection module

VS system

VS Standard

Number of pairs 10
Grid size 25 mm / 1 in

Mechanical Data

Dimensions 47.2 mm x 103.2 mm x 24.8 mm / 1.858 in x 4.063 in x 0.976 in (W x H x D)
Color Code RAL

7035 Light gray


plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced

10-pair disconnection module with insulation displacement contacts (IDC), in compliance with IEC 60352-4, on cable and jumper side suitable for wire diameters of 1 x 0.4 - 0.8 mm (AWG 26-20). To snap onto back mount frames, overvoltage protection for permanent personal and equipment protection can be plugged in at the rear. Protection plug with reversible PTC overcurrent protection elements, varistor overvoltage protection, Z-diode-type overvoltage protection can be plugged in at the front. Also features contacts for disconnecting, testing and measuring.


  • Cable side up, jumper side down

  • Module body material: PC, fiberglass reinforced, halogen-free, UL 94 V-0

  • Contact material: spring bronze, silver-plated contact surface

  • Grid size: 25 mm

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