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Disconnection Module DDF 8 pairs (25 mm) (R302788)

Disconnection Module DDF 8 pairs (25 mm) (R302788)

The DDF modules are used for high transmission rates (XDSL). 8 lines (8 times a, b, s) can be connected on one DDF module. The shield plate inserted from the rear connects thes-contact directly with the back mount frame or mounting profile, guaranteeing top grounding contact quality.

Gridsize: 25 mm.

Артикул: R302788 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • VS Compact module, printed

  • Wiring tool "Mini Tool" (per 10 modules incl.)

  • Installation instructions (per 100 modules incl.)

Technical Data

Number of pairs

DDF, 8

Grid size

25 mm / 1 in

VS version

disconnection module

VS system

VS Compact

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