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DM Global Outlet 84x84, 2x1-Port, pure white (R318205)

DM Global Outlet 84x84, 2x1-Port, pure white (R318205)

Suitable for duct-mounted (DM) installations (metal and plastic). For use with duct covers of min. 80 mm. Suitable for backboxes and floorbox module holders of Ø 60 mm in diameter or 56x56 mm cutouts.

Recommended depth for backboxes and floorboxes min. 70 mm.

Plastic: PC +ABS, halogen-free.

Артикул: R318205 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • Cover frame 84x84 mm

  • 2-part faceplate 60x60 mm

  • M3x12 screws

  • Blind cover (when used as a 1-port outlet)

  • Mounting plate, steel

  • Label strips, blank

Mechanical Data


84.0 mm x 84.0 mm / 3.307 in x 3.307 in (W x H)

Color Code RAL

9010 Pure white


plastic: PC + ABS

Technical Data

Application area

cable duct (duct)

Outlet type


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