inteliPhy Monitor Netscale-72 Kit 72 ports (R855333)

inteliPhy Monitor Netscale-72 Kit 72 ports (R855333)

Kit to upgrade Netscale 72 with inteliPhy Monitor technology.

Артикул: R855333 Категорія:

Kit to upgrade a Netscale 72 chassis with inteliPhy Monitor technology.

Installation must be done before the rear cabling of Netscale 72 is done.

Installation requires the Netscale 72 trays to be turned upside-down.

Scope of supply

  • 1 x Panel Control Unit (PCU)

  • 6 x Sensorbar including contact set

  • 1 x Spiral tube 350 mm to protect bus cable

Upgrade kit to add Automatic Infrastructure Management (AIM) functions to Netscale 72 panels.

Must be field-upgradeable without use of special tools.

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