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Interconnect Module VS83, 10 pairs (R21002-20)

Interconnect Module VS83, 10 pairs (R21002-20)

Double contact on jumper and cable side forwire Ø 0.40-0.65 mm.

Артикул: R21002-20 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • Interconnect module

  • Cable cover

  • Cable guide element

Mechanical Data


42.0 mm x 120.0 mm x 30.0 mm / 1.654 in x 4.724 in x 1.181 in (W x H x D)

Color Code RAL

7035 Light gray


plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced

Technical Data

Number of pairs


Grid size

30 mm / 1.2 in

VS version

switching-through module

VS system

VS Modular


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