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Launch Fiber E-2000™ APC, R/1 - FC PC, C/2, G.652.D, 1000 m (R807761)

Launch Fiber E-2000™ APC, R/1 - FC PC, C/2, G.652.D, 1000 m (R807761)

Launch Fiber E-2000™ APC, R/1 - FC PC, C/2, G.652.D, 1000 m (R807761)

Launch fibers are delivered in a protectivetransportation box.

Mode type: E9/125/250µm.

Box dimensions: 195 x 160 x 32 mm.

Артикул: R807761 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • Transportation box

  • Launch fiber 1000 m

  • Test protocol, incl. IL and RL at 1310nm + 1550nm, fiber position

  • Interferometry test protocol

Mechanical Data

Cable length

1,000 m

Technical Data

Fiber type

Singlemode (SM)

Fiber class

G.657.A1 (covers G.652.D, OS1, OS2)

Fiber diameter


Number of connectors (A)


Number of connectors (B)


Connector type (A)


Connector type (B)


Connector color (A)


Connector color (B)


Lever- / frame-coding (A)


Lever color (A)


Polishing plug (A)

APC 8°

Polishing plug (B)


Protection class IP (A)

IP 20

Protection class IP (B)

IP 20

Return loss grade RL (A)


Return loss grade RL (B)


Attenuation grade IL (A)


Attenuation grade IL (B)



FC connector acc. to IEC 61754-4

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to IEC 61754-15

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to EN 186270

E-2000™ (LSH) connector acc. to ISO/IEC 14763-3

Plastic box, transparent, test protocol containing fiber position, IL and RL at 1310nm + 1550nm and interferometry test protocol.
The box contains a launch fiber, 1000 m, singlemode G.652.D/G.657.A1 9/125 µm (OS1, OS2), fan-out length 3.0 m.
One side fitted with E-2000™ (LSH) connector in acc. with IEC 61754-15 and EN 186270. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with an angled polish APC 8° endface geometry, reference connector in acc. with ISO/IEC 14763-3 and qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1, in category U (uncontrolled environment) and category E (extreme environment). Greenconnector housing (singlemode) and orange lever, material PBT / UL 94 V-0, orange strain relief, material TPE / UL 94 V-0 and silver-colored metal dust shutter.
Optical specifications:
Fibers G = 0.30 µm, positioned in the lower area, 30° eccentric to the ferruleaxis
Insertion loss (IL) Grade R for 100% of all tested specimen: = 0.15 dB
Return loss (RL) Grade 1: = 80 dB (typical= 90 dB)
Mechanical specifications:
Mating cycles: Delta IL < 0.2 dB after 1000 mating cycles Pull-out force patch cord: = 100 N and one side fitted with FC connector (wide key) in acc. with IEC 61754-4. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with a PC polished endface geometry, connector tuned in accordance with IEC 61755-3-1 and qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1 for category U (uncontrolled environment). Nickel-coated connector housing, material brass, blue strain relief and plastic dust cover. Optical specifications (random mated): Performance acc. to IEC 61753-1 (Table A.12): Insertion loss (IL) Grade C for 97% of the tested specimen: = 0.50 dB / typical = 0.25 dB Return loss (RL) Grade 2: = 45 dB Mechanical specifications: Mating cycles: delta IL < 0.2 dB after 500 mating cycles Pull-out force patch cord: = 100 N

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