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MPO TAP-Modul HD, 2xMTP12-female - 12xLC-Duplex, black (R815242)

MPO TAP-Modul HD, 2xMTP12-female - 12xLC-Duplex, black (R815242)

MPO TAP-Modul HD, 2xMTP12-female - 12xLC-Duplex, black (R815242)

Designed for 19" 1U HD patch panel.

Splitting ratio between active and monitor-signal: 50% : 50%

Polarity method: type S

Артикул: R815242 Категорія:

The Traffic Access Point (TAP) Module is part of the HD solutions family and compatible with the same HD and R&MinteliPhy hardware as a standard module, allowing for scalable port diagnostic capability. Monitor traffic is sent to test equipment to provide visibility into network traffic via real-time acquisition of error, performance, and utilization data. The HD TAP Module uses an advanced optical splitter to reduce insertion loss and modal noise and enable high performance applications such as 10G Ethernet and 16G Fibre Channel.

Scope of supply

  • Slide-in unit, radius limiter radius 30 mm, labeling strips and installation instructions

  • Plastic front panel equipped with 12 x LC-Duplex adapters and fan-outs with integrated TAP splitters inserted

  • At the backside are MTP12-female connectors mounted, two for active and monitor-signal

Environmental Characteristics

Operation temperature

10 °C to 60 °C / +50 °F to +140 °F

Mechanical Data


43.2 mm x 109.9 mm x 214.4 mm / 1.701 in x 4.327 in x 8.441 in (W x H x D)

Color Code RAL

9005 Jet black


plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced, halogen-free

Technical Data

Conductor type FO

semi-tight buffer, dry

Fiber class


Number of connectors (A)


Number of connectors (B)


Connector type (A)


Connector type (B)


Connector color (A)

black / red

Connector color (B)

heather violet

Polishing plug (A)


Polishing plug (B)


Protection class IP (A)

IP 20

Protection class IP (B)

IP 20

Return loss (RL)

≥ 26 dB

Insertion loss (IL) max. value

≤ 3.9 dB

Wiring diagram

type S

Rack mounting version

slide-in unit

Adapter fastening method

end cap snap-in

Sleeve material



Protection class: IP20 acc. to IEC 60529

UL Listed


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