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Netscale MPO-LC 18 ports MM type S (R832182_BCM)

Netscale MPO-LC 18 ports MM type S (R832182_BCM)

Netscale MPO-LC 18 ports MM type S (R832182_BCM)

Netscale LC-Duplex to MPO modules provide the interface between the male MPO connectors on the trunk and the LC-Duplex patch cords that will then connect directly into the transceiver modules. The LC-Duplex ports feature integrated laser shutters that move out of the way when the connector is inserted. R&M’s Type S LC-Duplex to MPO modules ensure correct fi ber polarity while requiring just one type of patch cord on both ends of the link. The crossover of the fi bers for duplex signal transmission takes place within the module.

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Technical Data

Standard / norm

MPO connectors acc. to IEC 61754-7-1 (MPO connector family - one fiber row)

Protection class IP

IP 20

Number of connectors (A)3
Wiring diagram

type S


fully populated

Rack mounting version

slide-in unit

Capacity (ports)18
Connector type (A)

Low-loss MPO Elite, female

Polishing plug (A)


Connector color (A)


Adapter fastening method

end cap snap-in

Fiber type

multimode (MM)

Fiber class


Conductor type

semi-tight buffer, dry

Fiber diameter

G50 / 125 µm

Mechanical Data

Dimensions80.0 mm x 105.0 mm x 30.0 mm / 3.15 in x 4.134 in x 1.181 in (W x H x D)
Color Code RAL

7000 Squirrel gray


plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced, halogen-free


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