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Screw Clip (R35293)

Screw Clip (R35293)

Screw connections, suitable for single and twin pair applications. Ideal for ISDN and comparable installations (pin assignment 1–2/7–8 or 3–6/4–5). The screw connections are designed for stranded and solid wire cables of diameter 2x0.8 mm. Subsequent termination of the connection modules without the Screw Clip is guaranteed. The clips are compatible with all connection modules and all R&M products featuring the EasyLock connection design (e.g. voice patch panels).

Артикул: R35293 Категорія:
Mechanical Data




plastic: PC

Technical Data

Connector type (A)

Screwed connection


Compliant with the Cat. 5e requirements of the connecting hardware standards ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173

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