Shrink Tube Kit, Ø41/12x150 (R307322)

Shrink Tube Kit, Ø41/12x150 (R307322)

For connecting individual cables to the splice closure.

Артикул: R307322 Категорія:

Scope of supply

  • 1 shrink tube

  • 1 heat protection foil

  • 1 cleaning tissue

  • 1 sand tape

Mechanical Data


Ø41 to 12 x 150 mm




plastic: PO

Shrink tube kit to attach the individual cablesto the splice closure at the end cap tube. Suitable for diameters of Ø32 mm with closures of type DC.

Material: polyolefin

Supplied: 1 shrink tube, 1 heat protection foil, 1 cleaning tissue, 1 sand tape.

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