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Spacer 8 pairs, 64 mm (R300022)

Spacer 8 pairs, 64 mm (R300022)

Spacer (pairs, length). To maintain the distance between two mounting profiles or back mount frames, and ensure a neat jumpering layout.

Артикул: R300022 Категорія:
Mechanical Data


68.0 mm x 9.3 mm x 9.3 mm / 2.677 in x 0.366 in x 0.366 in (W x H x D)

Color Code RAL

7016 Anthracite gray


plastic: PPE + PS, fiber-glass reinforced

Technical Data

Number of pairs


VS system

VS Compact


Recognized in compliance with cUL

UL Listed

Recognized in compliance with SGS Fimko EN 50298

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