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CoExtruded conduit is an ideal choice to provide visual utility or end use of conduit identification


Corrugated conduit is made from HDPE and works well for short runs and where flexibilty is a key requirement.


MicroDuct is bundled into an easy-to-handle unit known as FuturePath. FuturePath can be installed just like standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed, or pulled into an existing conduit. When branching individual MicroDucts, there is no need for a special branching box. No special tools or equipment are required for installation.

FuturePath Aerial

FuturePath Aerial is a bundled package of MicroDucts for easy installation in an aerial environment. FuturePath makes the best use of limited available space on the pole while reducing installation cost and time to deploy. No special installation hardware or tools needed for deployment other than standard aerial installation equipment.

FuturePath Armored

FuturePath Armored is designed to provide superior mechanical protection against rodents, ballistics, crush, chemicals, and moisture penetration in a direct bury or aerial application. The corrugated steel armor is coated with a corrosion-resistant copolymer and bonded with the HDPE jacket for superior protection in rugged environments.

FuturePath Figure-8

For a fast installation and the lowest deployment cost, nothing beats FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support. Constructed with factory bundled MicroDucts and a polyethylene oversheath that incorporates a 1/4" Extra High Strength Galvanized Steel Strand.

FuturePath Flex

Leading the way in MicroDuct Technology, we developed FuturePath Flex to meet specific MDU and saw cut (MicroTrenching) installation requirements. FuturePath Flex's preconfigured bundles will save on installation time and add versatility and expansion opportunities to your network.

FuturePath Hybrid

FuturePath configuration consisting of two or more different sizes of conduit and or MicroDucts. A perfect choice for customers who have needs to run micro cables and larger standard fiber cables at the same time, or would like to plan for future possibilities.