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FuturePath Flex

FuturePath Flex

Leading the way in MicroDuct Technology, we developed FuturePath Flex to meet specific MDU and saw cut (MicroTrenching) installation requirements. FuturePath Flex's preconfigured bundles will save on installation time and add versatility and expansion opportunities to your network.

  • MicroDucts joined by a thin web of HDPE, allowing for easy separation and routing of individual ducts
  • Configurations: 8-way, 7-way, 6-way, 4-way or 2-way
  • Flat shape allows installation in narrow slits, saw cuts, direct buried (traditional trenching) or horizontally drilled (bored) applications
  • Can be placed vertically, horizontally, or rolled into a roundshape for vibratory plow or directional drilling
  • Ideal for Micro-Trenching, resulting in reduced soil removal and impact to the right-of-way
  • FuturePath is designed for installation using the same tools and equipment used for traditional conduit. No special tools or equipment are required.
  • Multiple pathways in place for future growth
  • Check specifications below

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